Anyone ever done that dialect quiz

Lees is. Although oddly specific.

oh god not again

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Not heard it called that before

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lol what, no

although tbf, I lived in Plymouth from 8 to 15, inbetween living in Stockport (and Huddersfield) the rest of the time

so that’s sort of halfwayish

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Seeing this I want to see heat maps for other people with a drastic regional split in their upbringing.

I posted the NY Times one on here last year:

Bizarrely, my results on this one still suggests that I’m from Bournemouth (I’m not from Bournemouth)…

Not bad, they’ve got the right county, just placed me a bit too far to the east. Better than expected.

Not really lads but RTW eh @TheBarbieMovie2023

When you say ‘no’ it says to let them know where you’re from and stuff but there isn’t actually any way to do that that I can see. Odd.

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Oh look, we’ve both got Ticehurst. Never even heard of it.

Knew I’d confuse it

Never been IoM

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Just want to say that spread of names is incredible. The average huge fantasy world would probably have three similar names spread across 1000s of miles but here they are on just one little island.


We have the exact same accent then (I got the same three places and actually am from the iom)

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I wonder if it can pick up places like Corby, which has such a unique accent because of a large wave of migration from somewhere else in the UK

It’s the influence of your Scottish and Irish heritage, but neither side showed stronger than the other so it decided IoM was the place to put you in the middle.


Did this with my own accent and it struggled (difficult to place to be fair).

Then did it with B and it not only got the general area right it also listed the (tiny) village we currently live in. :exploding_head: Amazing that.

After you get your results you can click on the places and ‘help’ by confirming how they pronounce things there. However, Corby isn’t available.
@anon89873996’s assessment is spot on I reckon


Poor hard done by Dicky D

“a minimum of 56 miles” has done me


Spot on. I went to school in Bodmin

I’m from Ashton-in-Makerfield :raised_hands:

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I have tenuous roots so it probably won’t guess me