Anyone ever made truffles?


And have a good recipe?

For my office’s secret santa, we have to MAKE a gift - no buying novelty presents allowed. I have to make something for the boss, and he fucking loves whiskey, so I thought whiskey truffles might be a decent bet? Hit me up some simple recipes, or suggest other hilarious possibilities if you’re a child.


Just train a pig to go find some for you


I don’t have time for porcine education.


Yeah but they weren’t much cop. Boozy chocolate is a bit rubbish isn’t it


I don’t have to eat them.

It’s “cook” something or write a poem at this stage, so cookery it will have to be.


Do you not have any homebrew lying around?




I think they’re tricky to make decent ones, make some spicy nuts or something.


If someone gave me a mixtape I would rip their lungs out.


I have vague memories of making some a few years ago. They worked quite well.

Certainly better than our stab at making chutney.


How hard can that be, you just ruin some fruit.


one of the things you make in home ec/food tech
melted chocolate rolled in cocoa and sprinkled with these




Yeah, it ended up a bit too watery in the end, couldn’t get it to thicken.

And the house stank of vinegar for a while.




I might make you a mixtape, it will melt your icy heart


Bit of cornflour would have fixed it, I reckon.


Cooking relies on love not science




Piece of piss mate, you’ll nail it