Anyone ever tried a peanut butter alternative for kids?

Peanut allergies are clearly a fucker for everyone involved.

Anyone tried any alternatives that won’t risk people’s health?

Am sure @thewarn found a peanut free peanut butter.

How’s Australia ?

that one’s got a peanut allergen warning on it so maybe best to stay away from that one if there are allergies involved


I’ve tried the cashew ones, and a few others, don’t remember liking them that much though.

i think most non-peanut nut butters that aren’t specifically marketed as allergy-friendly will have an allergy warning for peanuts on, as there can be contamination in the supply/manufacturing chain.

you can get ones that are safe for allergy sufferers but i’d look in the free-from section.

example (haven’t tried it):


Ah yeah I mean really all nut allergies tbh. Sorry. Thinking about school lunches.

There’s a us one called Wowbutter (like WTF? Surely you call it PeaNOT Butter?) but it’s not over here yet.


Yeah this was my fear.

Wowbutter is the only true substitute I’ve yet seen and it’s not here yet :roll_eyes:

Make your own from your own…looks up what its made of… toasted soya?

Stick some tofu in the toaster and then blend it.

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are there any health food shops around, like the aussie equivalent of holland & barrett? might be worth a look if you haven’t tried that already

Jam. R had jam every day for years then moved onto Nutella. Marmalade?

We haven’t found anything that doesn’t carry a warning about contamination.

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I’m sure there are but I’ll have to research. Cheers

Nutella has nuts do a full no.

Jam is now boring apparently.

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Paddington inspired marmalade for v for a while. Marmite? Tartex type paste or egg? Cheese spread?


Jam should be the answer to all things :heart:


She is bored of vegemite, hates Marmalade, egg is also not allowed except in one eating area which is boring appaz, not seen tartex here but it’s new so she hates it, and cheese is only for topping pizza, pasta and beans

I know it seems dull but would she just have bread and butter? Or crackers, pitta, breadsticks?

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Assuming this is for lunchboxes we sometimes do rice or pasta salad, scones, pancakes, instead of sandwiches. Luckily we seem to have settled on cheese for a while but will not tolerate the presence of any fruit :roll_eyes:

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Yeah I mean sometimes she does, sometimes jam is fine. It’s more that she always comes back to PB, hence wondering :pensive::roll_eyes:

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