Anyone excited for their special edition album?

Almost forgot it’s due in September, haven’t listened to it for a while, hoping spector isn’t one of the extra tracks, being as most of us already have it.

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Can’t wait for it now we are in September. I’m a sucker for a special edition at the best of times but I can’t say no to a Radiohead one. Also looking forward to seeing what they’ve actually done with that Recording tape belly band thing they mention on the site.

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haven’t bothered with the last two special editions. might sell my In Rainbows one at some point, seems to go for good money these days.

i always just end up wanting to have the normal CD as well so it’s pointless.

Think it was probably my first vinyl album but I had a phase of collecting 7"s just before that.

YES although I think Spectre is definitely going to be one of the tracks unfortunately - what do we think the other one will be? Cut a Hole? Lift? Follow Me Around?

Also very excited about what the recording band will be - knowing my luck it will be Thom farting into a lightbulb during the Kid A sessions or even just complete silence.

Probably won’t get to NZ until the end of the month, well after the UK knowing XL’s history.

Any updates on when they’ll start sending them out?

I was a smidgen disappointed they didn’t play the new one tonight