Anyone fancy a P&O cruise?



just curious


more the P than the O for me


is this a trick?

like are you my PAL japes? are you my PAL?

EDIT : just ignore the caps there.


or how about a trip to the white rose shopping centre?


Alright Rob Brydon


I used to work for P&O Cruises. AMA.


what’s the difference between a boat and a ship


Not a big fan of boats

So I’m out


can we take our bikes


Size, pretty much.


Do you think they’ll eventually re-invent cruises when millennials reach retirement age?

I’d like to see that and maybe write a stand up routine about what it would be like!!!



PAL = Personal Arse Licker


I’m hot.


whats it really like down in the servants quarters?


Where to?



just stick a few pulled pork and street salad stands on the side of the ship.


Cramped, and they earn fuck all basic (but tips are very good if you’re in the right role). Loooooong days.


Nah, you’re alright pal.

Something (well, everything) about a cruise that I find really unappealing.

Anything more than a ferry and I’m out.


all you pricks got adblocker turned on?

you’re making sean cry


Are Weezer a band for Gen X, Gen Y, or Millennials?