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isn’t the london dinner meet this friday?


sorry, i’m washing what remains of my hair


sorry I will be in :belgium:


Thursday non? Otherwise nuke this and I’ll tag along to that @DarwinBabe


oh, sorry. you’re right. i can’t read or tell what day of the week it is.

as you were. (lg x)


I’ll be working in the London Bridge area, and staying in Ealing, but happy to go to anywhere central-ish


@ericV @wewerewerewolvesonce @Raanraals @DarwinBabe @marckee

Are your maybes not knowing if you’ll be free, time/location or waiting to see if anyone good is coming? Also if you’re all game does someone want to message hoogy and ruffers


hoogs is swanning about South America until next month, the git


Well he’s missing out!

  • not knowing if you’ll be free
  • time/location
  • waiting to see if anyone good is coming
  • Other

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i asked ruffers about the thurs meet and he said nah so don’t think it’s likely




I probably have work drinks that i might to go too. One of our suppliers is throwing us a big party and people are expected to go. Will check if i can get out of it.


I’m going to a wedding on Saturday but it’s possible I might head up there on Friday night (it’s in Milton Keynes) since it starts quite early.


tbh two DiS meets in two days might be a bit much


I need to be at the RIBA for 9.00am on Saturday, and will be out on the Thursday night, so I don’t want to be out too late on Friday, but I should be be okay for a few pints.