Anyone fancy a snack?

Spend £15 and you’ll get them for nothing.

You sure as shit can!

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Some of those Red Leicester mini cheddars please!

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Need to make dinner but uhhh :mantelpiece_clock: Another stella probably

Bloody hungry now.

just got home and made a cheese (and pickle) sandwich because using the hob was too much

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way too much cheese but whatever

Never a thing


Got any cashews?

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Fuck this I’m making a sandwich.

Haha! Spoken like a true sandwich fan!


yr all snacks really

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We out here looking like a whole snack

some sort of multipack situation

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Yeah, thats a nice observation actually

fair enough - in that case I didn’t have enough pickle or butter or bread

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Why yes!

I’m not sure if this is allowed ITT but I just had the best cheese on toast (Wensleydale on white bread with some black pepper).
Thank you

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Cheese on toast is snack.

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