Anyone fancy helping me put together a quick and easy-ish quiz?


  • it’s for an International Food Evening that I’m attending at the weekend
  • some of the people attending will be Ukrainians whose English is fairly limited at the moment

I’m thinking of a fairly straightforward theme:

  • The theme would be PLACES AND FACES
  • it would be a picture based quiz
  • I’d have 10-12 A4 sheets dotted around the room, each with one place and one face from various different countries
  • The target audience is ‘people who have come along for a bit of food’ as opposed to ardent pub quizzers

So - any suggestions welcome, in the format:

  • country
  • place
  • face

Joke answered tolerated; serious answers welcome. Thank you!

Also there are going to be a fair few African nations represented, so any suggestions for African nations would be appreciated in particular.

Zola Budd.

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What sort of difficulty level are you aiming for?

I’m thinking: general punter level rather than quizzer level. People are attending for the food rather than the quiz - it’s just a bit of a fun activity rather than the focus

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Sugar Loaf Mountain (or big Jesus statue if you want to go easier)

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Yes I think that would be about right (I’d go with Sugar Loaf Mountain)

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Leaning Tower of Pisa

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Mo Salah

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Faisal Mosque
Malala Yousafzai

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Thanks a lot @stupidsexyflanders !

Thanks a lot, everyone else :wink:

I’ve finished the quiz anyway

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Table Mountain / ???

Joseph Shabalala / will accept Ladysmith Black Mombazo (maybe could find an easier picture to guess from)


oh so do they have to name the person and landmark or just use the pictures to make a guess of the country? if the former, my last one is too hard sorry

Yes - I’ve given them the country in each case. (I’ve completed the quiz but others might want to guess anyway?)

I might C&P my answers later if I get time

o isee sorry

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It’s possibly heile gabresallasie, Ethiopia and a ziggurat. Or all 3 of these could be really wrong.

Is that a ziggurat? What’s a ziggurat?

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I dunno, what’s a ziggurat with you?

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