Anyone fancy something to eat/drink in London on the evening of Monday the 15th of April?

  • Yes please
  • No thank you
  • Maybe, maybe not

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Playing football until 7, free afterwards. Happy to meet up as long as it’s somewhere convenient.

Were I to be working in Kent that day, i’d say Yes please, however I’m not, so I’m afraid, I’m oot.

I’ve not booked it yet but imagine I’ll be staying near Tower Bridge, happy to go wherever though


Hi mate!

i’ll be about, i think, unless a VBBR the previous saturday has killed me off

Very big bike ride?

Mike about?

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yep - 300km, but probs closer to 350 once we’ve got there and back :expressionless:

but yeah, should be fine, and mike looks to be around!

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might be in London that day actually. :thinking:

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Niki and Mike turning up



The guys behind the Euston etc. Tap have very recently opened a new place in Tower Bridge (The Raven) which hopefully won’t be rammed yet, if you’re looking for sommat nearby. Although it is a Monday anyway so probably fine everywhere

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@plasticniki @marckee @ericVI and those who are currently maybes.

Looks like I’ll be staying near Charing Cross but happy to go elsewhere if its easier for anyone else. Recommendations for places that do nice veggie food, and wanker pubs

i’m easy as long as there’s food. don’t think i can even look at a beer ever again (for three days)

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What’s the craic

I’m potentially around on 16th and 17th for a conference… :frowning: