Anyone fancy something to eat/drink in London on the evening of Monday the 15th of April?

Oh this is next week eh

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Are people still around this evening? Is 6ish somewhere near Charing cross/Leicester Square alright? Any recommendations of anywhere decent near there? Etc.


I’m ill today (nothing serious, just coming down with a cold), but if I’m feeling up to it, I am still planning on popping down.

I forgot that my beloved football team are on the telly tonight, so I’ll probably watch that after my own football game has finished.

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This isn’t looking too promising then. Meat cancelled


Do you fancy a beer anyway. You didn’t reply so assumed youd also caught the flakes

yeah why not, need to stay out til the tv has finished watching game of tits anyway. euston tap?

I’m coming from Leicester Square. Split the walk? Holborn whippet?

you gonna be there at 7:45 or so? will drop in for a swift half or two if that’s kewl

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dunno if i can be arsed going that far into town sorry man haha, maybe do it another time

taking this 1 personally




I can still be there then, despite yer boy Eric jilting us

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