Anyone feeling remotely filthy?

Feels like months since some filth - both here and in real life.

Tell me filthy things.


I saw a nice bum today


How many times do I have to tell you, stop looking through my window!


The last couple of days - yes

Today - no

No, sorry

Cleaned my flat and had a shower just now.

Least filthy I’ve felt all week.

I saw a badge that said ‘Filth is my politics’ earlier.

But to answer yer question, no.

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Only thing filthy is my flat

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Having a twix and a cry before therapy, so yeah, a bit.


Really got it on the brain

Starting to think I should try and find someone who’s in a similar situation to form some kind of ongoing fuck bubble till this all blows over. But that’s easier said than done.

Had a sexy, flirty exchange with @frenchtoast about 20 mins ago, so yeah

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stim meat joke


Not at all

Didn’t they play at the Olympics?


I’m trying to learn a lot about subdom dynamics to understand my partner a bit better, anyone want to delve into that? Never really been asked to do anything remotely degrading before so trying to approach it as healthily as possible.

Can’t remember when I last had time for a shower


The Filth Devil has been very much in residence here the past few days. No idea why

Always defaulted to sub stuff but an ex wanted to reverse roles and largely, I hated it then i just didn’t really mind and would play the role sometimes finding perks to it but it felt like we could never just have normal sex any more. I thought that by saying I wasn’t really into it but didn’t mind trying that it’d be more of a rare occurrence but once we started it was like that’s it, you’re indoctrinated into this now. In the end i felt that normal sex became the kink and it made me sad.

Sad sex.

Anyway, suppose what I’m getting at is just try it, accept you might not be into it for a while and keep talking about how you feel so there isn’t an assumption that you’re 100% into it and that’s your new thing from now on.


i thought they closed that place down


i’ve posted in a few selfie threads if that counts