Anyone get work xmas gifts from people outside your company?


Ahhhh the best time of the year

So far I have been sent

6 gin baubles

12 craft ales


30 pound voucher

And a cheese board



calendar with some trains on




I got a big ol’ bottle of Stagg Jr from some US partners I use. That’s it so far.


We got a hamper from somewhere but I think we need to either send it back or give it to charity because it’s a bit too nice.

So far I’ve only had a card. Not even a Korean desk calendar like last year.


my team got sent 8 tins of chocolates

we’ve already finished them


sorry this gift is too nice

please accept it back

happy xmas.


This exciting item was on my desk this morning

You told it up to make a toblerone shaped desk calendar


5 prawn rings


Yeeehhh You tell it!!


Don’t get any


not expecting any.



still time

you never know


I’m in my thirties


aren’t we all my friend


Bunch of advent calendars from recruiters.


oh man - I managed to typo my correction of a typo


Anything worth more than a tenner goes into the Christmas charity raffle. Gifts include fine wines, chocolates and other random items (toy truck, flask, Rubik’s cube, coffee table books, etc).


I get sent loads of stuff because I’m a journalist and people want to bribe me. Just today I’ve received some raspberry flavoured chocolate (rank), a corporate-branded mug (dull) and an M&S wine and chocolate gift set (much appreciated).


oh I also got a personalised coffee travel thermos thing.