Anyone getting into any non wheel based sport?

Tennis for me. I want to get into rowing because I’m interested in the waspy element.

Tennis progress is slow but I feel like I could get good at it.

Badminton. I’m not very good at it and the TV is pretty good at it but I always beat her by being faster and taller and stronger which feels a bit unfair tbh

Just climbing :person_climbing:

I love badminton, one of life’s little joys! Apparently I’m qualified to coach it. No idea. #shuttlecocks

Yeah it’s a good sport. All in tr wrist right? When you get that ‘pffuh’ sound when you catch one sweetly it’s amazing

Another vote for cool badminton!

No sports involve wheels. Anything that does involve wheels is not a sport, more of a hobby.

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getting into handball when I move to Spain would be a bit needy wouldn’t it?

Just get into this. Played Gaelic handball against a lad who was brilliant at pelota a few times. Incredibly difficult stuff.

don’t play that where I’m moving to - but I would love to play pelota.

Bit ableist, tbh tbf

Would be well up for DiS game of jai alai if you can organise pls

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As soon as I’m able I’m gonna start playing squash with my brother in Brixton, although he is going to absolutely trounce me to begin with which may make it a little difficult to get in to

Hope it all stays cordial between you


Sorry, was making a joke to rile up the cyclists. Appreciate I was being an arse, apologies for that.

haha mate I was only messing!

I’d really like to join the baseball team near me but am too self conscious to go alone and don’t have any friends who are interested. Baseball seems the right sport for me - small bursts of action, lots of standing around, like wearing a sweet raglan and a focus on beer drinking.

Go Mustangs! (You’re this part of the world, right?). Great bunch of lads.