Anyone go through phases of being thicker than usual?

I’m in one at the moment I think. I need to work on my intellect as I’ve become a caveman. What should I do, read more? Obviously. Not sure what the point of this thread is. Thanks for reading.

no worries

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yeah. got nothing to do so just sitting around eating.

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Yeah, it’s lasted 36 years so far

Just almost stuck my fingers into an electric mixer while it was still on.

I’d say it’s more the opposite. Have entire months where I’m just on a lizard-brain kinda autopilot, and then occasional weeks/days where I actually feel on it, and actually get shit done.

Good thread, better than most of mine, enjoyed reading it.

yeah i go through phases of being really absent minded and forgetful and struggling to do things

I’m alternately too anxious or sad to realise any brain potential

Think I’ve been on a fairly steady downward curve since uni. Think the trick is reading, doing puzzles, trying to take your brain out of your comfort zone and learning new things. Got to exercise it like a muscle.

My recommendations ( if you think they’re worth a bean):

  • I got back into reading - after years of not reading very much - by reading recommendations on Goodreads. One of my problems is that I did not know what to read, now my wish list is thousands long! Plus I got addicted to reading challenges.

  • Something else I did when I felt my brain was getting mushy in my late 30s was to start writing poetry - once again, I went for an online poetry site(all poetry). Everyone’s poetry is pretty crappy on the site as you can expect - sometimes you find something you really like and think, wow that’s good, but it’s rare. Never mind that, the challenges are really fun, and give your brain excellent workout, and it’s fun.

  • One last one - lately, I was feeling I got really overworked at work, no time for any brain work out of any kind really. I started learning Chinese with Duolinguo. Did the trick: 20 minutes a day. I 'm still at it. :smiley:

Wow, that’s a long answer. Sorry.