Anyone going through The Quietus' best of 2017?


Quite amazed Ive actually heard of 12 bands on the list


Nah, dickhead music that dickheads pretend to like


good attitude


They’ve come up with 100 records by July? Pretty impressive I think I’ve probably listened to about 20 albums from this year.


half of it seems to be their usual drone/noise cack, or worse - death metal


never got round to last year’s dispatches, tbh. typically, the only good stuff has already been covered in, say, The Wire, whereas the albums that are pretty Quietus-specific are just :zzz:


Imagine calling your band Harriet Tubman. ffs.


Dutch Uncles LP is good so far


Harriet Tubthumpers


Quite enjoying the new Emptyset record, something weirdly hypnotic about it, partly I guess because underneath all the textures you can kind of make out how each song came together.


most of the ones I’ve heard have been good

though since there’s a hundred there’s obviously stuff on there that’s average at best - that the Bug/Earth thing, for example, is absolutely uninspiring

  1. teeth of the sea’s latest LP
  2. teeth of the sea feat. john doran
  3. john doran’s mate who makes noise music in a caravan



wel…uncle Gorkys is here to pick out the wheat from the chaff.


I’d usually agree with this but it’s a fairly diverse list, didn’t think I’d see Young Thug and Oxbow in the same chart.


Emptyset is good, aye


No Forest Swords, GAS, or Varg.

Not a fan


Also Vince Staples, Fleet Foxes, Lawrence English, Pile, Earthen Sea, Do Make Say Think, Floating Points, Pallbearer, Elder

Least FJM isn’t there.


I’ve heard of 12 of these groups/artists. idk


All these are excellent genres


In all honesty the ‘Oh look how obscure their trying to be’ snide comments miss that the point of the Quietus is to suggest more out of the way things and some of the stuff they cover are fantastic artists that get very little exposure else where.

There is also a lot of stuff I don’t personally like but it’s always been worthwhile to read the lists and check out what I’m interested in. I’m glad it exists.