anyone good at ebay? - need some help


I sold something on ebay last night and the buyer has messaged me saying he bid on 2 auctions of the same thing and managed to win them both

Presumably mine was the higher wining bid of the 2 as he’s asking me to let him off and re-list

Guys clearly a bit of a knob but I CBA to argue the toss with him, so I want to kill the sale and re-list

How do I do this? Do I have to pretend in ebay like he’s paid me or can I just use the re-list option in the app (I tried this and I’m not sure if I did it right as the listing is still there showing as awaiting payment)


add to cart pal

i think on the dropdown beside the sale there should be a ‘request cancellation’ button that when the buyer acknowledges will refund your fees. I tried to check it on mine but have no completed sales at the moment! its how i’ve done it in the past.

thanks! that seemed to work, think I’m all sorted now

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