Anyone good with images?

We have a stuffed toy that has an unreadable label, but there’s some lettering that is maybe vaguely readable if you know your way around image processing… Anyone got any ideas on how to make this legible???

Here’s the feller in question

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he looks really unhappy

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I don’t like to brag but I’m pretty good at looking at them, yeah

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Buy that one and read the label on it instead.

That’s definitely not Mr Oats

He’s been depressed for years. He used to live an incredibly savage life on the serengethi, but now he’s as harmless as a doormouse. He never shuts up about it

He’s the wrong shade for sure but look at the face. They could be brothers.

I recognise the logo if that helps? Birthdays card shop, who I’m assuming are long defunct


Ah the card shop. That helps. Basically we are working out how to wash him, he doesn’t seem machine washable but the bottom of the label maybe says ‘machine washable’

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Cousins, definitely. Brothers is a stretch. For starters Mr oats is a nevernude

had a bash but don’t think you’re getting any washing info off that label

I could edit this into a sick montage over some hans zimmer music if you like


Most soft toys are generally alright on a cool, gentle cycle inside a knotted pillowcase with either a delicates liquid or just the water (don’t use squishy ood things as they don’t dissolve properly in that kind of wash sometimes).


Is there a label on Mr Oats himself, or just on his cardie?


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Put him on a 90 wash and then high heat dry. Will be fine.

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You monster


He’s stitched into his onesie, he would never take it off.

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