Anyone got a pair of thing spanx?


Like this

Do they work?

I need some


Thong not thing


Not yet I dont


Got thong no, but got some mega hold pants, they are good providing you are not going t o eat a lot. Remember they squeeze fat out at either end so you need to think about that if concerned about lumps and that…


used to wear primarks own big knickers (both thong and brief) when i was a size 12 and thought i was fat (i wasn’t), they work but do eventually fray/fall apart, not really made for machine washing.
now have a ‘smoothing slip’ from h&m that i paid about £20 and wore it to an awards show earlier this year where i was nominated but didn’t win.


This is why I need the thong ones because I have a flat bottom and fat belly so if I get the cycling shorts ones they’ll suckmy bum in too and then my belly will still look fat in comparison, so it defeats the purpose


looks super uncomfortable in all places

(i have nothing useful to contribute sorry)


some of them are really comfy, the ones that are ‘light’ control. anything that sucks you in too much makes you feel like a sausage, obviously, but the ones in primark were good for ~no vpl~ on a budget.


And my dress is like this so I don’t want a flat bum