Anyone got any experience with those sad lamps


You know the ones for people who cant handle the change in seasons. Feeling a bit detached and mentally unwell. Wondering if a purchase might be worth it.


sat next so someone who uses one in the mornings at his desk. The medical evidence is pretty weak but they don’t cost much so what’s the harm.


got one that wakes me up in the morning when it is dark - not really the same thing tho is it
haven’t started using it yet this year - but last year it seemed to work really well for about a month, supposed to mimic teh sun coming up and wake you up naturally, and then i got used to it and started sleeping though it

great story


Almost certainly nonsense contraptions (never had one)


Is it a Lumie? We’ve got one. It’s very annoying.




can’t reamember what make it is - it’s not that tho

it lives in a cupboard during the spring / summer - will have to crack it out a few weeks time





its bullshit.

even during summer Im woken up by my blaring alarm - not the rising sun and the sound of deforestation in the amazon.