Anyone got any good genre or scene specific Spotify playlists?

That aren’t shit I normally listen to (ambient, shoegaze, electronica).

Let’s av it

Posted before, but this is a stellar introduction to psydub (the best of all the genres). Perfect for sunny days.

I’m extremely good at compiling playlists IM honest O:

How do you get those Spotify links above? Is it embed code?

You’ve changed your surname! Has that all gone through now chief?

Did we all build that jazzy hip hop one? Fucking belter that.

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Just the share and copy to clipboard function within the Spotify client

Yeah, it was a bit funny seeing it come up as the new one on that Spotify link. Travelled on my new passport for the first time this week - crazy times.

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Thanks - I’m on web only here as can’t install client at work. Doesn’t seem to be an option other than copy URL.

Anyway, here’s one called The Sausage.

Gonna give that soul one a go

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Also FYI the MONEY playlist on Spotify is great stuff

Folks on here have almost certainly got vastly superior ones but that’s stuff I like innit

Any more?

Landfill indie:


This is enjoyable

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This is the kind of thing I’m looking for!

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This was really good by the way!

Yeah it’s a good one