Anyone got any good threads lined up?


bad ones will do as well, I guess


Got one about fruits you’re currently enjoying, but gonna save that one 'til the summer


I’ve made about four threads in two days. I’m spent.


can’t wait. though what if the world ends before we summer?


I did, but then someone got in and started the Thursday thread before me.


'fraid not, sorry!


are enough people watching Marcella to warrant a thread?

  • MarcellYAH
  • MarcellNAH

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I watched about 10 minutes of the first episode (of the first season)


i thought about making a ‘things you can name everything of’ but couldn’t be arsed


it’s a hate watch - but her face is so intriguing

should probably take my observations to the TV things that annoy you thread


I’m watching, although I’m only at the second episode of the second season.

First season was great.


i keep reading it as marcofella when it pops up on netflix


I can’t really work out what this means, so it’s a sure fire hit


was it one of those ‘troubled detective hallucinates dead friend/partner’ things or I am I thinking of something else?


Was thinking about one on the pokemon card game- what were the rules? I think I remember playing something with the cards but it could have been my siblings trying to annoy me.

Would do one on YuGiOh! but I think you’re all to elderly to remember that :smiley:


Troubled detective has breakdowns and blackouts and can’t remember if she is the actual murderer or not thing.


Au contraire! I have to share spaces with YGO players frequently. They’re all idiots.


A lot of cards have “flip a coin” abilities, ffs.


ah, right.

I might be confusing it with something with Stellan Skarsgard that I also watched about 10 minutes of episode one - River, maybe?


ah fantastic! I’d like to remember how I played it as a kid because I think it was just doing subtraction. Would have played for hours mind.

RE Pokemon I remember flipping coins. The card game was balls wasn’t it