Anyone got any good threads lined up?

bad ones will do as well, I guess

Got one about fruits you’re currently enjoying, but gonna save that one 'til the summer

I’ve made about four threads in two days. I’m spent.

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can’t wait. though what if the world ends before we summer?

I did, but then someone got in and started the Thursday thread before me.

'fraid not, sorry!

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are enough people watching Marcella to warrant a thread?

  • MarcellYAH
  • MarcellNAH

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I watched about 10 minutes of the first episode (of the first season)

i thought about making a ‘things you can name everything of’ but couldn’t be arsed

it’s a hate watch - but her face is so intriguing

should probably take my observations to the TV things that annoy you thread

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I’m watching, although I’m only at the second episode of the second season.

First season was great.

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i keep reading it as marcofella when it pops up on netflix

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I can’t really work out what this means, so it’s a sure fire hit

was it one of those ‘troubled detective hallucinates dead friend/partner’ things or I am I thinking of something else?

Was thinking about one on the pokemon card game- what were the rules? I think I remember playing something with the cards but it could have been my siblings trying to annoy me.

Would do one on YuGiOh! but I think you’re all to elderly to remember that :smiley:

Troubled detective has breakdowns and blackouts and can’t remember if she is the actual murderer or not thing.

Au contraire! I have to share spaces with YGO players frequently. They’re all idiots.

A lot of cards have “flip a coin” abilities, ffs.

ah, right.

I might be confusing it with something with Stellan Skarsgard that I also watched about 10 minutes of episode one - River, maybe?

ah fantastic! I’d like to remember how I played it as a kid because I think it was just doing subtraction. Would have played for hours mind.

RE Pokemon I remember flipping coins. The card game was balls wasn’t it