Anyone got any good threads today?

Bit dry innit

We seem to be going through something of a drought at the minute


If you had to ride an animal into battle, which animal would it be?

I’m feeling the burden of being New User of the Month. It feels quite restrictive. Just want to cut loose …

is this basically just “which animal would you have sex with?”

Was gonna start a ‘what’s your favourite foreign currency OF ALL TIME’ thread yesterday but I couldn’t really be arsed. If you reckon it’s got legs then see my vest.

Was just gonna use it as an excuse to say ‘vietnamese dong lol’ tbqh.




you not had any coffees lately?

Was going to do “Stupid things you feel bad about” and start off with feeling bad about being the only person to get off at a bus stop but it’s a 29-replier at best if ever I saw one.

find these kind of threads SO BORING

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Well, eventually yes.

Could do a public transport thread?

i’ve been trying to dominate my new train friends. I win every time and then i mutter dominate when i’m dominating


Can I just say this is a really good thread you’ve made meo. You must be really proud.

Thank you!

Not any to update the chart I’m afraid. I had a McFlat White the weekend before last though.

that image makes it look like you’re being sarcastic

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Oh no! That was not my intention at all!


A public transport thread sounds like a lot of effort.

What do you mean by dominating? Are these people really your friends?

what’s a flat white? and I don’t want fancy pretentious barista terms. I want plain speak.