Anyone got any good threads today?

Alright Mcdonalds advert


Do you ever nod to people on the street thinking that you work with them, but then realise it’s just someone that’s usually on your commute and they probably don’t know who you are?

No I hate them all.
By dominating I mean I get there and I stand at the exact position to be able to press the button then I dominate and get on first and get a seat
Always get a bit pissed off when a pregnant person comes along at my door then I have to scale back my domination or I just let them on first and continue to DOMINATE


Two thirds coffee, one third milk, one third foam.


saw this the other day but I couldn’t find anywhere to post it so this thread will do

Nope. I wouldn’t even nod at people I worked with in the walls of this office.

this is so wrong. that isn’t a flat white.

I just read about this!
Weird ay.

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Yeah flat whites have microbububbles


This is now the coffee thread.

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in Mallorca our villa had three different ways to make coffee and it wasn’t unheard of for us to make coffee all three different ways in one day

Nah was just joking, it’s the complexity of the brewing of coffee and the simplicity of it’s mastery

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That stuff about being able to build people’s memories doesn’t sound plausible to me.

Sounds like a hoot!


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oh actually I’ve got a good thread

“things you’ve learnt about other DiSers recently”

i have learnt that japes doesn’t use a qwerty keyboard, and that aggpass is incapable of making cous cous (!)

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I aborted a thread earlier on about how I saw a seagull eat a gosling yesterday, because it was a bit niche and quite depressing.

sorry, been too busy to insinuate various people are awful or make threads about dog poo

‘hey somebody will figure it out or whatever at some point in the future’ seems to be their main idea