Anyone got any jobs going? (Rolling jobs board)


Not just for me, looking for a job? Post where and what here and see if anyone can help. Similarly, if you are recruiting, get it posted here!

I am loooking for work (and a room) in London now I guess


Internal comms, East Mids.





Yeah right buddy


My phone completely spazzed out posting this so, apologies


(BTW genuinely, if any of y’all are interested in any of the posts available there give me a shout innit)


I will bite yer bloody arm off for this job. About to be made redundo as well


What are you qualified to do?

Really good idea for a thread. @GEOFF suggested a job for me that i got an intwrview for.


Hey Tone, would this role be suited to someone with a football journalism background who is also very familiar with the games?


Which one? The tester? Definitely could be for sure, drop me a DM with any questions innit.


Are there others? I only saw the tester one. But yeah, that one - my brother is looking for something at the moment and Stratford is an easy commute for him. I’ll ask him if he is interested and DM you later. Cheers :slight_smile:


Yeah, we’ve got some programming positions available as well but yeah, definitely ask him and get in touch if he’s interested. We’ve had football journalism students in for testing roles before.


If anyone fancies teaching ESL in China, send me a DM.


Journalism, copywriting, content marketing, retail, front of house bar/theatre/cinema work


oh, admin too!


What about a DiS LinkedIn group?


good idea!


Dont know what your salary expectations are (or level)


I’m looking for a call centre team leader at the moment.