Anyone got any jobs going? (Rolling jobs board)

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Saw this and was worried they’d fired @discobot



:crystal_ball: Without a doubt


Lots of IT people on here, no?

my team need someone to provide admin support, salary circa £20k

experience in the charity sector useful but not essential, good communication skills and general intelligence more important

PM me if you want more info, will post in here when the ad goes up

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Just seen an advert for a fully funded £10k commission for a British comedy script that could be turned into a £250k budget film if selected - anyone on DiS sitting on some gold / aspiring to write the next Four Lions etc?

Advert is behind a paywall but I’ve got a .pdf

Ad specifies you only need to prepare a half page and full page synopsis to be considered so doesn’t need to be a fully completed script

Feel like DiS could put it’s heads together and nail this tbh





Rolling job’s board

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yeah I know, I wanted to edit it but I can’t


I will refer you to this though^

Hey @nav (or anyone else interested in scripts) - do you have a Google Docs template for script writing? Or another (free) thing you use?

only really familiar with Final Draft (industry standard but $$$) and Adobe Story (which was completely free but unfortunately is being discontinued), but there must be good free softwares / apps / templates for it. Writer Duet looks good and has a free version

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got any remote jobs on the horizon?

I used to use Celtx when I was doing that sort of thing

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If anyone needs things translated from Spanish or Portuguese into English let me know, especially if it’s related to life sciences/pharma/medical stuff or international development

probably dumb question, but do you do the reverse i.e. English to Spanish/Portuguese? I might need to get some translations done for my app at some point in the future

Afraid not pal

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Nope (most translators only translate into their native language) but give me a shout if/when you decide to get it translated and I can point you towards some games translators who might be able to help

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You going to be based in South London? A new pubs just opened in Crystal Palace and they are looking for staff.

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Possibly! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: