Anyone got any jobs going? (Rolling jobs board)

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i need a shop building into my squarespace site but i suck at it. anyone good at this sort of thing who fancies it, gimme me a DM?

Just one for my 18 year old nephew, who is just finishing his A-Levels…
He’s not planning on going straight to University, mainly as he suffers with anxiety and dyspraxia, and has been bullied wrecking his confidence. But he’s looking into possible apprenticeships, short work placements or a part time job to build up his confidence.

He’s a absolute film buff, he’s a walking film encyclopedia, loves his music and is studying film and media as some of his A levels. He’s practically my mini-me. He’s a very quiet, but kind soul.

So anything media related for him would be ideal. Ideally South London based.


An apprenticeship could be a good route. As he will have A levels, with most companies he won’t be eligible for a level 3 (as this is what A levels are, or level 2, which is lower) if they are government funded (some organisations fund them themselves) but there are level 4 apprenticeships in film/tv/media. A degree apprenticeship could be another option. As I’m sure you’d assume, apprenticeships in this sector are competitive so a good application is important. Many are advertised January-March but it is worth looking now too. The government apprenticeship website search may not yield many results (but still check) and instead going directly to the organisation webpages and/or their linkedin is likely a better route.

This webpage lists organisations in the sector, so worth checking their jobs listings: Find a job in VFX, Post Production, Film & TV Studios, SFX, or Animation | UK Screen Alliance

Thank you. I’ve passed that onto my sister.

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No probs. Channel 4 and ITV do some good apprenticeships too, but obviously that’s tv rather than film. If I think of anything else I’ll reply again, or if I see anything that might be suitable. It might be worth approaching some smaller tv studios for work experience (e.g. Maidstone rather than Elstree etc.). The Stage jobs listings are probably worth scouting too (but more for experiences, short term work etc.) The biggest selection of theatre jobs across the UK and in London | The Stage Jobs

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Saw this, thought maybe one of the Manchester folks might need/want something

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