Anyone got any jobs going? (Rolling jobs board)

yes! guess that’s more likely now :slight_smile:

this job looks cool! it’s pretty much what I was just doing (albeit I only lasted a couple months)

by the way, I have potentially found bar work in Hackney Wick, only 16 hours (weekends mostly) but living wage… it’s just that I’d be completely starting again so I may need to work more or spend the rest of the week at my parents.

or go back and finish my Master’s…

yeah second this, i do quite a lot of recruiting and also run an internship programme so more than happy for people to send through a CV or covering letter and to give tips. In particular if it’s uni/research/pharma/economics based.

I’ll set up a linkedin group, with the proviso that information that people may get about other DiSsers from connecting (uni/job/role/some personal details) are for linkedin only and not to be shared back on here.


LinkedIn group here:

Please respect the fact that you may see personal details of DiSsers in this group (names/education/job title etc), and sharing those details back on here is not acceptable. Please use the group to share job postings or links that may be of interest, and connect with DiSsers to expand your professional network. If anyone wants to admin the group or has ideas for how it can be useful then please give me a shout.


Who’s gonna be your London football team?

Same as before, Dulwich Hamlet

I’m a Metropolitan Police man.


you moving back to peckham?

Dunno, you gotta room?

Yeah nice try narc

think my m9s moving out of astbury, but you dont wanna live here.

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Ive already lived there (and probably would again, it’s cheap at least)

not that place, the house I lived in just up the street.

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Oh not the castle? Fuck it then :joy:

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out of interest were you a Lions or Morley’s man?

Morley’s, always Morley’s.


you know nothing.


Apparently not but then I’d have been drunk, probably been to both

Lions is definitely better.

golden noodle sucked, don’t miss that place at all.


This is a great idea

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