Anyone got any jobs going? (Rolling jobs board)

If it all gets too much for them, my CV is ready

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looking for someone to build a squarespace website and shop, guessing it’ll be a day or two’s work? DM if interested and we can chat further!

(offer remains open to the two disers I already asked who didn’t sound too keen :sweat_smile:)

i’d be interested in this

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We have jobs going for people with health research backgrounds. Studies, writers, epi, modellers, consultants etc.

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I will keep a note of people who have said so and @ you when it’s live :slight_smile:

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Sounds interesting. Please let me know when it’s live.

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Entry level music industry job as label co-ordinator at 4AD

I am sure this would suit someone here or a brother, sister or pal of someone on here


Don’t suppose any of you lot are voiceover artists, or know any?

I can help, and know other people who can too

Great. Just need someone with a bit of a reel/portfolio who can be attached to a quote for a job for a University, and also quote their own costs for the project based on info provided?

I do, but we both have anonymous profiles, so I’m not sure how to get that info to you…

i’ve made myself non-anon

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I’ve DM’d you with my email, so feel free to reanonymise yourself if you like

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You can still send DMs to anonymous profiles, just create new message and @them in the user bit.


I’m sure this will apply to almost (or actually) no one here, but just on the off chance. My work in Belfast are going to be looking for an account manager and a support desk person in the next month or so. It’s a small IT firm but we’re the leader in our field in N.I.

We’ve got a few roles going, an account/client management role in Manchester and a sales role in London, if anyone’s a-lookin’. Feel free to DM if you’re interested and have any questions

Careers | Kaboodle

Will have a few tech-y/dev roles up soon as well, will bump when those are live.

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Got a few more jobs going in London and Manchester if anyone’s looking: Careers | Kaboodle

Long shot, but a couple of people on here have mentioned working in subtitling/captioning over the years, and i might be looking to change one of my jobs. Could anyone offer any advice where to look, or tell me the names of some companies I could approach (Manchester-based)?

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