Anyone got any recommendations for... (rolling)

People are always looking for recommendations for stuff so I thought I’d do a rolling recommendations thread

Start a subthread in here for anything you want recommended

For my part I started this thread because now that the whole of Sweden is WFH + it’s already dark here at 4pm + it’s dark all day when it’s miserable grey rain I wondered if anyone has any recommendations for …

Good little USB powered LED lights for video conferencing like those selfie ring lights or whatever they’re called

Ideally something I can clip on to the laptop or that has a useful stand would be good

Anyone using anything like this that they can recommend?

Cheers & thanks in advance

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I’d like cold recommendations please.

Like for curing a cold, not “lol ice m9” recommendations.

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The missus has got a rovtop one that was cheap as chips and seems alright

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Any recommendations for 2 player board/tabletop games that aren’t a load of rules

This would be the perfect place:

Anybody got any good small A4 printer recommendations?


One that i won’t have a massive advantage in against the missus. She’s never beaten me at that

Anyone know of any good recommendation threads?

@xylo’s recommendations are:

I also like Backgammon



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woah woah woah. those are custom recommendations for you and you only. safebruv is a whole other ballgame


Sort us out xylo

Ticket to Ride is pretty straightforward and lots of fun. Especially if you like trains. And colours.

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i reckon hand management/drafting/engine building games might be pretty, pretty good for you. It’s on pre-order everywhere for the second edition right now coz it’s colossally popular. this store would get it locked in for Nov 30th tho

also though, Castles of Burgundy for dice rolling/tile placement (apols for amazon link, it’s under restock everywhere else) and is cheaper

and finally i’d consider having a look at the wonder of worker placement games, and one of the absolute daddies of that is viticulture

You know what i’m just gonna get the chase on my phone

or you could get the chase on your phone

edit: ah damn you was about to suggest that!