Anyone got any recommendations of good Film/TV YouTubers?

It would be nice to hear about them if so

Alt Shift X if you like nerdy shit, and/or droll Australians!

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Thought of some more!

A big fan of Nathan Zed when he talks about movies/tv (well when he talks about anything, really)

Kat Blaque also has some good TV/movie analysis but usually from a relationships standpoint

TropeAcademy is probably closest to what you’re after but post very intermittently

I watch too much YouTube

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No such thing, think here’s a weird bias against it somehow compared to other social media platforms - there’s some amazing proper art in it, or comedy or long form stuff as good as on any network

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Thanks, mate. I’ll check these out (except the one that seems like its about Game of Thrones)

He also did some about Dune (2021)

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