Anyone got anything on tonight? (Friday Evening Thread)

I’ve not got on anything on.

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Same, nothing

Sofa reading for a little to wind down, then off for a beer or two then a nice artistic cinematic experience. Good Fridaying, though wouldn’t have minded a more fun OTT film - I’m gonna have to actually focus on this one!

Jeans and a T-shirt


Me neither :frowning:. Quite fancy going on a date but I can’t get anyone to engage in conversation RN let alone go out for a drink

I’ve had work trips for days out of five this week, so I’m absolutely exhausted. Currently sitting on the sofa listening to Olafur Arnalds. Going to make a pad Thai in a bit

Pretty bereft weekend ahead for me. Just hoping weans behave, really.

Oh and rangers maybe somehow winning on sunday.

You saucy get!

Pizza in the oven…had a few beers gonna chill with the wife and dog and watch final episode of the gold, which has been really good.

My other half is out at a birthday so I wasn’t invited to tonight. I’m going to blame the fact that invites went out on WhatsApp and they might have my number rather than a deliberate decision not to invite me. Yes, that’s right. That must be it.

So I’ll be at home, persuading the child not to play Minecraft and instead go to bed

Leftover misery pasta for tea too.

Dear god what a sad little life

It will certainly be that…what on earth else could it be.

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Oh I need to take soft plastics to the recycling and do the washing up

Though just had a vego bar so don’t need tea for a while now

finish work at 7, few beers and a large marg, then watching my gf play bioshock for the first time (she’s past the big twist so nearly finished iirc? at least 2/3rds)

10 years ago we would already be in tinychat by now huh


The Sports Direct double does seem very unlikely.

I haven’t even sorted out anywhere to watch my final yet…

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Also nothing going on. Might do something tomorrow, but tomorrow famously is not tonight.

I’m in the pub waiting for my atd but I’m working tomorrow so only having two.


Evening all!

The Child is staying at her friend’s tonight so Wor Lass and I can go to a 40th birthday party for one of the nursery mams in town. Most of my friends turned 40 during some version of lockdown so it’s quite nice being invited to someone’s milestone birthday.

Currently cooking a curry and listening to the radio.

Can we remind you if that when you’re complaining about a hangover tomorrow morning?


Haha nah I’m up at 6.30am to drive to Kent so definitely only having two. I’ve been shopping for something to wear on my date tomorrow and didn’t intend still being in town this late. A has just finished work so it seemed silly not yo meet for a beer, plus shopping is exhausting! I haven’t fed the cats yet or had dinner myself so all of the above will send me home soon.