Anyone got anything on tonight? (Friday Evening Thread)

In Denmark for a brief visit to the MIL, who has been quite unwell but seems to hopefully be on the up, just doing the last leg of the trip from airport to house-in-the-forest now.

Plans are to eat something, then rearrange the beds and furniture so everyone has somewhere to sleep. Also get to hang out with the lovely and cheeky Italian greyhound, so looking forward to that within the next hour.


Listening to DJ Rashad and trying out some footwork moves while I cook dinner. Wife and I will probably play video games for the evening, have a few drinks too.

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Careful not to burn yourself, those are some serious moves!


Coat, hoodie, T-shirt, socks, boxers, chinos, wellies, watch

woah!! Hiya pal

Good drink plans also


gonna go have a boogie


been a while! hope you’re doing fantastic (same to all of you)


Alright? Fucking knackered lads. Gonna drink many beers and eat some pizza I think. Feeling a bit :frowning: tbh.

I’ve got the oven on.

With pasta bake in it for dinner.

Watch telly for a bit and then an early night cos work early tomorrow. May or may not watch the first half of the Wolves match in bed.

Going to Harvester for dinner with my family. Didnt even know Harvester was still a thing.

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I hardly know 'er etc etc


Mrs has gone to get me a kebab, dogs giving me a cuddle.
Watching 90 day fiancé

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Been tidying up because my daughter’s coming tomorrow. Can’t believe it has come to this.

Too much work for a Friday.

Failed at getting roti or even naan bread at the shop, so picked up a mixed starter pack to have with my dahl. Also in the nothing on club, made ramen plans for tomorrow lunch though.


Got some friends coming round for dinner shortly. Supposed to be a quiet one but I’m also a bit worried we don’t have enough drink in to offer them.

Went for a run post-work daylight all the way!!

(and a little rain)

My partner’s running a focus group thing for her job until 8, so for now I’m cooking a genuinely monstrous pizza, having a beer and watching Cop Car on Netflix.

I’m excited about tomorrow - recording my next radio show and I managed to get someone from a band I really like to record a little guest spot thing for me!!!


Nowt! I was supposed to price up my clothes for Sunday’s boot sale, but I’ve helped my mum with her jigsaw puzzle, finished my book and had a nap instead. Might do it now

absolutely done. long standing, high level adult student of mine very confidently discussing the simpsons with me in our class just now, and we’re going through our favourite characters and he says ‘secondary actor Bob’ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: still pissing myself. never really clocked he was called actor secundario bob in Spanish.


Will coop still have those bagels in the reduced to clear section?

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  • No

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