Anyone got experience of fixing record players spinning too fast?

Got a secondhand JVC l-a120 recently, sound works but it’s spinning way too fast so won’t play anything at normal speed, anyone got any experience fixing this?

Good luck!

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JFC, fuck that. Direct drive all the way, fuck belt driven.

ugh spiel-city

Put it on a wheel revolving the other way at a slightly slower speed.



Unhelpful joke post, soz.

oh, I see. I’m so rubbish at this kinda stuff I don’t even know bants surrounding it when I see it

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weight it down with some yoghurt mate

Try turning it down from 45 to 33. Hth

my da just suggested this too.


bowl of rice?

put it in a bowl of rice and unplug it for five seconds


im having problems with my record player too but its about a thousand years old and a different model and also i think the speakers are bust so no help other than sympathy

sick burn!

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How much ,noise, makes the motor when you take off the belt , mostly the bearings or collector from these motors are worn !