Anyone got or used one of these wide monitors in place of two?

I like having two monitors but my laptop screen is 15.4" and it’s thus quite small so most of my work ends up being on the monitor which is nicer for my eyes.

I’ve seen there are these ‘ultra wide’ or whatever monitors that look like they have essentially two monitors’ worth of detail in one. Sounds like a good option, just leave the laptop closed and run off the monitor entirely.

But maybe it’s a load of shit. Certainly they look…expensive. Or rather I’m sure it’s a case of buy cheap and feel the regret.

Anyone used one and have feelings about it vs two monitors or whatever. Maybe @epimer bought some ultra-wide shizzle so he could really admire his continual deaths in Elden Ring?

Got one through work atm and it’s boss. Treat yoself theo

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Cheers man!

What one do you have?

don’t @ me

(actually got a very boring monitor setup and know nothing about these)

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Just get one of these




Used to walk past an architects’ office (obviously) in Edinburgh where all the desks had those curved ultra wide ones, like this

Simultaneously really impressive and kinda stupid looking, especially when you realise it was Edinburgh so they were mostly going to be doing kitchen extensions.


Never needed two monitors. Feel like I haven’t lived.

Got wide monitors at work. Pretty handy.

Got two small monitors that I use, laptop lid closed. Feels like that would be cheaper than a single big lad monitor

Personally I’d always rather have two separate (albeit massive) screens, as i like the separation. If i had one big one everything would still be split up, so no real point. Plus RAM issues.

Nope. I’m a committed Billy Two Screens

How do you connect the second one? Some sort of USB widget? Or is this a non-PC setup of pure evil?

Got a curved ultrawide one when I was doing a fully remote job a few years ago.

Let me tell you, if you’ve never seen a spreadsheet go from column A right through to column BA on a single screen, at 100% scale, then you just haven’t lived.


Oh I’m no scientist, the IT guy at work did it.

I’ll investigate when I’m in to see if I can see what tech is behind this.

Have them as standard now at work. They’re fine.

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One of these?



My work replaced our two 17" monitor setup with these a few years ago:

It’s basically the only thing I miss about the office. If I could get them to pay for me to have one at home I’d be all over it.

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Only two downsides I’d point out that may or may not be applicable to you.

  1. I got one and it gave me a headache within minutes. Maybe I would have gotten used to it, but I just returned it. My friend had the same issue but he kept trying different curved ones and now has one he loves, so I think it’s different for different people.

  2. If you regularly share your screen to people, you basically have to just share a single window/tab, as otherwise you’d share WAY too wide a screen for most people. For me, that’s really annoying as I tend to switch between a lot of different applications while sharing, so having to reshare on every application change would be a massive pain. Was working with someone who needed to do that and it did my head in. Obviously if you don’t work like this, it’s not an issue. I do a lot of remote pair programming so it’s a bit of a deal breaker for me.

I’ve just stuck with my 2x25" monitors, one horizontal and one vertical, and that works perfectly for me.

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