Anyone got Paul Auster 4321 book?


So if you have you know what a huge book it is…anyway i finally got to the end and it appears I have pages missing.

It just ends mid sentence.

Anyone with the hardback edition care to confirm how many pages it is supposed to have

Can’t find anyone complaining about this online (maybe no one has ever got to the end)


Reddit seems to suggest it actually has a real ending.

PS I’ve never read it.


so…i’m missing 62 pages!



He’s ripped off kafka!


Is it a Kindle version? Just give Amazon a wee shout right?




no it’s a hard back


Write your own ending, you lazy sod.


I had a copy of Catch 22 like this. It had mistakenly printed (something like) pages 1-150, pages 130-150 again, and then pages 170-300. At first I thought it was a literary device but then I checked the




Man, looking at the photo it totally looked like it was a kindle screen. What an idiot.




Send a tweet to the publisher ( They’ll almost certainly send you a new copy.


This post deserves better attention I think.


yeh just called them

they said NO ONE else has mentioned this

But will arrange a new copy


It was getting to be a bit of a slog

Will also suggest this much better ending to the publisher



I’m going to get this from the library today I think.

Love a bit of Auster. Don’t even care that all his books are identical.


Books don’t really need endings anyway
I haven’t finished loads of books and that’s how they’ll stay


Its not my fave of his but it is good

It’s VERY long though

(or should be)


I need to start using our local library a bit more. I think it might give me a target: get a book out, have it read within three weeks, return it. I used to love reading and I’ve got out of the habit, though I’ve just re-started with this over the past few days:

It’s a bit hard-going but manageable at a chapter an evening.