Anyone had the rotisserie chicken subway

at subway?

I don’t really want a sandwich with a whole skeleton in

Aye I like it.
Not in the little trays that chicken bits usually come in so they ended up putting loads of chicken on mine with the scoop.

Nah, looks boring IMO

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Yeah, it wasn’t all that.

No functioning people have a subway when there isn’t a valentines day pity discount on

Yeah. I actually had a Subway on Friday for the first time in lord knows how long because I knew I was going out on the BEERS on Friday night and was unsure as to what food would be available. So I crammed a footlong down in order to make sure I’d be able to last until midnight if needs be.

Stomach was like a fucking bowling ball for about 12 hours. Horrendous stuff. Really can’t be doing with Subway. That SMELL.

here we go again.


Just no reason why you wouldn’t have a burrito or something instead

Oooh you’re so sophisticated Ruffers, I wish I was as sophisticated as you!

I appreciate that but can we stay on topic


This has reminded me that one of the baked potato filling options in the canteen today was (East Anglian) seafood guacamole. It looked like guacamole with a bunch of peeled prawns and crab sticks wanged in.

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Cromer ceviche

Would be really interested in hearing what Dissers’ usual Subway orders are if anyone would like to share that?

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I’d also like to find out more about how disgusting subway sandwiches are and how anyone who eats them is subhuman filth.


Not been in ages, but used to enjoy a footlong BMT on herb & cheese. Not toasted.

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and all the salad

for the record, I went last Wednesday and had a very nice footlong italian BMT on italian (toasted), with lettuce, tomato, black olive, few jalapenos, sweetcorn and NO sauce (usually go ketchup but I think i prefer it without). Washed down with a bucket of machine diet coke.