Anyone had the rotisserie chicken subway

Gonna get one post gym. Might get a wrap

what does the m stand for in a bmt

Here’s a thought.

Toasting the bread is for fools … gets all dry and flakey
Cold sacrifices the melting of cheese.
Basically, warmed up in the microwave is the winner’s choice.

microwaved sandwich :full_moon_with_face:

"Subway’s best-selling sandwich, the B.M.T., contains pepperoni, salami, and ham. The name originally stood for Brooklyn Manhattan Transit, but now stands for “Bigger, Meatier, Tastier”.



Missing a trick there not calling it the PSH
I actually did go into a Subway the other week, realised how actually it’s quite expensive, and fucked off to Sainsos.

very nice to meet a fellow Rustlers hero.

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I’ve heard rumours Subway have started partnering with Game of Thrones for a new sandwich and it’s called the shitwich for shit cunts


whats that stand for eh

Much like every other major fast food outlet, subway tastes fine and sometimes hits the spot perfectly


I am

  • A boring snob about subway
  • Open to differences
  • Sometimes a boring snob and sometimes ok with subway, depending which way the wind blows

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Cheese Triple still only costs around £2 in Sainsbury’s right? About as good a sandwich as a supermarket’s ever stocked IMO.

Thank you, though I would be very interested in hearing if Dissers’ Subway orders have since changed to, say, rotisserie chicken (!). If everyone could review previous answers in this thread and update me that would be great.

Fucking hell, enough of the trolling.

Guys, today I’m alright with subway. Please continue to enjoy

Exactly, change for a Guinness tin from what I’d have had to spend on what’s basically a salad sandwich from the Subbers lads

had an MK Dons brekkie for the first time in years today, fuck me that’s a lovely greasemess

Yeah my aforementioned footlong was a clean £5. Wasn’t happy with that.

When I had to write my thesis in 6 weeks I was living round the corner from a McDos. I became very familiar with the breakfast menu. Also the various baguette things. And the wraps.

Dark, dark times.