Anyone had the rotisserie chicken subway

double saus-egg mcmuffin, extra hash brown, cappucino, medium milkshake (anything but banana)

the breakfast order of titans

Think I was more of a sausage and pancake man, with black coffee. I dunno, I’ve repressed a lot of those memories. Tried to walk up a modest hill two days after handing in my thesis and couldn’t manage it.

Got some sweet vouchers.

Used one today that gave me a footlong for just over 3 bones. Can’t argue with that.

There’s another for a breakfast sandwich (which I bet’ll be awful) for free when you buy a cup of coffee

Made a habit of swinging by Wilnecote McDo on the way to work as a treat on a Sunday morning.

Double sausage and egg muffin, capuccino and additional hash brown.

Must be nearly a year since I had one though, after discovering I can have 3 bacon and egg on a muffin or bread roll, 2 hash browns and a tea or coffee for £1.60 from the canteen instead.

I like how they use an ice cream scoop to shovel fish

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always go toasted personally, with a nice refreshing coke

Just plonked this onto a ‘nice reply’ for ya

ta mate.

The ads on the bus stops for it are all like “no more blandwich”, and yet it looks like the most boring sandwich in the world

Prefer spicy Italian, if you’re wondering.


It’s really bland

Wasn’t that great