Anyone have any tips for being less absent minded? (Not a shit-post thread)

Well, feel free to shit-post but my question is legitimate.

Found recently I’ve become more absent minded, small things like forgetting to take a towel into the bathroom and jumping in the shower before realising, popping to the shops without picking up my card. Saw someone post on social media saying that anxiety can cause it which it might be. I don’t feel terrible but obviously the current situation isn’t helping anyone.

So, any tips/advice or links to it?

I’m the same - have real trouble managing my thoughts for this kind of stuff, and anxiety definitely made/ makes it worse

Not particularly original advice but lists help me - no task is too small for me to write it down and then cross it out when I’m done if I’m in that kind of mood

-Empty dishwasher
Put on washing
Hang washing

Etc etc

Sorry just realised this is not helpful at all

Yeah I set alarms for anything really important but would rather not have to.

I really struggle with this. Always leaving food to burn, forgetting to empty the washing machine. Leave the house without my bag, etc.

Only thing I’ve found that helps is to say out loud what I’m doing. So I’ll put some food on and say “Going to set a timer, going to set a timer” over and over until I set the damn timer.

Not sure if that helps or not and I’m sure it makes me look like a twat, but yknow.

My issue is more being distracted and not able to stay focussed on one thing, rather than being absent minded though I guess

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That might work actually, I’ve found when I’m doing Spanish learning I learn better when I speak out what I’m reading.

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I am fucking awful for this. I can’t park the car somewhere without having to return to it 15-30 seconds later to check I definitely put the handbrake on. I’m really bad with it with my wife. Like I’ll get up to go to the fridge and she’ll ask me to get a her a glass of water. I’ll take her glass, put it down beside the fridge, get whatever I was going for myself and then go and sit down. She’s good about it and will laugh most of the time but it must annoy the fuck out of her.

The thing is, I’m not an anxious person, I can’t say that I’m even getting distracted by other things. I just think about 75% of the time my brain just isn’t active above keeping me alive.

Developing routines helps me with this- eg always putting my keys in the same place so I’m not searching round for where I’ve put them.

Trying not to be distracted by stuff helps, too, so not constantly looking at my phone while in the middle of doing something else.

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Always been absent-minded so I carry a notepad on me for writing to-do lists.

Also leave things lying around if I have to remind myself to do something. Like I’ll intentionally leave the washing detergent bottle out in the kitchen so I remember to empty the machine.

Doesn’t work all the time. Managed to walk halfway to work today before I realized I’d forgotten my dinner.