Anyone heard Tom Rogerson from three trapped tigers solo stuff?

Really good - nice as Frahm/Hopkins-y

Is there an album or EP out?

There is a collaboration LP with Brian Eno out in December, which i’m just going to assume is a collection of Christmas cover versions.

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Which one of them did Evil Ex? Because I definitely want some more of that! Will check this out - they always deliver.

That was Matt Calvert

I’ve still not heard Adam Betts album from last year, such a beast of a drummer!

Adam Betts’ solo stuff live is really impressive, forgot to listen to the album tbh.

Safe to say they’re all bloody geniuses. The last TTT album was by far their best and one of my favourites of last year.


Ah! Yeah, I concur with badman - saw some vids of his songs and it’s incredible what one guy can do! They’re total virtuosos.

Yeah I saw him supporting TPHB doing his solo stuff, they’re all so talented. I wasn’t as blown away by the last LP, but have so much time for the EPs and Route One or Die still. We made the video for Noise Trade, so that’s always a joy to hear live.

When I saw TTT at Village Underground years back, at the end of the gig people were freaking out because Brian Eno was there.

The fact that this has happened has made me all warm inside like a mug of hot chocolate.

this sounds really lovely btw