Anyone here ever 'gone viral'?



Post can’t be empty


Had a cold once.


yeh but all sorted now thanks


This thread’s gonna go viral.

I can feel it.





it is a great picture tbf


Lola dog :heart:


no but buzzfeed stole my quiz about guessing famous paintings that had been pixelated. not sharing cause I don’t want to give them more money for stealing everyone else’s work.



what’s your most popular DiS link?

mine’s this: The john lewis xmas ad is here!

(43 clicks)



Great thread. Utterly lost it at this point though. monoshono was a good poster.


It was good when @sean brought it back to life a year and a bit on


Got over 10 000 plays on a soundcloud track (a cover - grrr) is that viral?

Probably not.


Truly ESA’s darkest hour (apart from all the other darkest hours.)