Anyone here ever sold stuff to a music shop?

How does it work? Would I have to haggle/talk about Clapton?

you know the law.


:frowning: this is what I’m afraid of

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got some expensive stuff I could do with getting rid of for $$$ but the whole thing makes me too anxious.

that sounds worse to me.

Maybe I can convince my brother to sell them for me if I give him 50% of the money or something

At least with Discogs you can get a good idea of what they are actually worth - so gives you a haggling base if you want to sell them locally.

oh I should mention I’m talking about instrtuments/amps not records

my bad

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I have to work out how to ship something or let strangers into my house

do instruments/amps work like other stuff? Should I expect to get about 50% of what I spent on something?

thanks :slight_smile:

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might be able to get £500 for my amp wow!

Maybe I can pay my bro £100 to sell it for me :slight_smile:

What amp is it bam?

vox ac4hw

looks like it’s retailing for about £700. No idea I spent that much money on it.

I’ve barely ever used it what a dickhead

An ex of mine used to love ebaying stuff and clearing overgrown gardens

Shame we broke up really


Looks like a cool little amp

yeah it’s really nice for what it is but I’ve got no real reason to use it.

Holy shit some of my effects pedals are going for loads too.

Damn I wish I was better at selling stuff

If you can avoid going to a shop, do…as you will get 25-50 of what they will sell it for. eBay can be scary, but here are my top tips.

Loads of photographs and a very clear and honest description. If it’s got scratches on it, mention them. For non record things I rate out of 10, where 10 is new.

Be honest about when you can send/how long it will take. I’ve had people demand I send withing 24 hours of them paying, as they seem to think I am an Amazon offshoot. In my listing I state I can only send on Saturdays.

You can estimate payment with a service like and then use them to send. ALWAYS get signed for delivery, otherwise they will claim it’s not reached them and eBay always side with a buyer.

If you take Paypal, don’t let them pick it up, as they can claim they’ve paid and you’ve not sent it. Cash only for pickup.

When it has sold, keep them informed about delivery etc.

That’s about it really. It can be scary selling online, but if you are careful it can be OK.


thanks for the helpful info!

I reckon I would stick to collection only

Post up what you’re selling in the gear wanker thread, I’m in the market for a few bits atm

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