Anyone here good at self-discipline?

Wanna be my life coach?

I’ve got 9 days to achieve all my goals.

not really but when i wanna stick to a schedule or want to achieve certain things each day i’ll make a lot of lists or live by a daily checklist.

mate I’m 30 soon and that means I’m culturally dead so I need to sort this out fast!

I have a google spreadsheet but maybe it needs sprucing up a bit.

maybe for the bourgeoisie, down here it’s a struggle my man!

Nah, the best thing about turning 30 was this


I have noone to make me cake or eat it with :frowning:

From the grave of a 32 year old (I rose up to haunt you)

I like this website/phone/computer app.

I have lists of various different categories of stuff to do, but also things like “stuff I have lent to people” “stuff I have promised to lend people” “things people have recommended”.

I also make a paper to do list every day, and carry over things from the previous day.


ah this looks like it might be useful thanks!

I guess staying busy is the best way to feel young and worthwhile.

a friend of mine said that if he hadn’t got signed by the time he was 30 he would give up on music and focus on something else. he got signed when he was 29 and pretty much hates it and can’t wait to be free of it.

what else is there to focus on though?

I wouldn’t mind being muscly and attractive but I feel like 9 days is unrealistic for that.

the only people who are into crazy muscles are gym/fitness weirdos


Here you go. This will solve all your problems, and get you a nice million to burn on the remote island of your choice:

Not crazy muscles just generic man muscles

Also way of motivating myself- put some easy stuff on the to-do list that you were going to do anyway, like “make tea” so then you’ve got a few things crossed off already.


Generic Man is quite soft I feel.


Well into this kind of stuff now. Really bad at though. Meditate about once a month

Well, the platonic ideal of the generic man, like the dude Da Vinci drew with six arms and legs or whatever.

Yeah good strategy.

Doing the washing up can be on there!

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No matter how hard you work out at the gym, you cannot grow extra arms and legs.