Anyone here good at self-discipline?


Well, the platonic ideal of the generic man, like the dude Da Vinci drew with six arms and legs or whatever.


Yeah good strategy.

Doing the washing up can be on there!


No matter how hard you work out at the gym, you cannot grow extra arms and legs.


Exactly- I mix the pottering about everyday type jobs with the bigger projecty things.


Right, on Monday I’m going to list my way to happiness!



This real or are you trolling me?


I don’t think I’ve ever listed my way to happiness, or actually got any more done by listing it (it was all stuff I was doing anyway), but somehow putting it down on a list convinces me that I’ve actually done something rather than my usual belief that I somehow spend all my time doing nothing (which isn’t true).


Well I spend a vast amount of time doing nothing so it will be an eye-opener


The Album Fairy must be cranking that music out while you sit back.


Also I know people who are really into this system (I however am not)


it’s real as hell.

if you’d like to be in absolutely nails shape, but don’t want to look like a musclebound imboseal, this’ll take six, seven weeks to complete. alright it’s not 9 days but that long to look blimming marvellous* isn’t so bad.

*or at least feel pretty damn strong, coz difference in look would depend on what you’re eating


think these things are invented by the moleskine company to make us waste more paper tbh


Well they only take a few weeks and I’ve been having too much time off in between. Need to find a way to recharge quicker, maybe I need to alternate between drastically different genres.


I don’t believe I could possibly achieve such results in that time.

Do I need to resort to protein shakes and all of that because I doubt I can do that


no you don’t. and you will be properly floored by how quickly your body can rally. just eat normally.


Cool, i will give it a try!


yes bam! your arms and chest and back and tummy will all benefit at once. it’s ace.


Hello elbow tendonitis!


i mean if your form is mince, so shalt thou elbows be