Anyone here good at self-discipline?


Im in pretty good shape (humblebrag), but 100 consecutive BW pushups will cause form to drop after 60-70 in like 90% of people…

Best off squatting, benching and C+J to get functionally hench imo
EDIT + pullups are your friend


Not saying dont do pushups btw - as xylo says, its a great exercise, shapes your butt nicely too - just think 100 consecutive is overkill!


god no. I think the knowledge that whatever I do will end in failure prevents me from beginning most things (or finishing them if I’ve started)


It’s def not with the intention of ripping out 100 daily. It’s just about getting your body into a place where it’s doable really. Coz yes you’re right hitting that a lot would suck for the joints


god you’ve made it really complicated now :frowning:

going to do nothing


Sorry buddy, didn’t mean to do that

this has some good starting points in for body weight exercises that you can do at home/ in the park!


@_Em can you make these lists on Wunderlist recurring for daily tasks or do you have to re input them every day?


I use an app called Habit for that stuff- and you can set stuff to be daily, so many times a week, weekly, monthly etc.


thanks :slight_smile:


ooo this is cool it makes a nice diiiing noise when you complete one. mmm very satisfying!

Wow this pointless self-indulgent thread wasn’t pointless after all


Neither did I when I was 30. I’ve now been living happily with someone wonderful for sixteen years.


aww that’s great. Maybe there’s hope for me too!



You should probably take up cycling. :smiley:


I’ll have to stick to running I’m afraid.


Bam, if you can do Eddie Honda’s Hundred Handslaps, you can do 100


Sometimes I can be, but I think that self-discipline is best in moderation.


wait, is his first name really Eddie?


This is one of my favourite apps I use it nearly every day.


It is as far as me and my mates were concerned growing up.

Turns out it’s actually Edmond!


wow, even better!