Anyone here good at writing?

I kinda want to narrate something to music but I don’t know how to write them words.

Any tips?

I love writing, and some people enjoy it sometimes, no clue if I’m good at it though.
My advice is always taut sentences, interesting rhythms and as much alliteration as you’re able to apply.
Oh and stealing imagery from other good things.


maybe just write something for me Ruffers yeh?

I’d be well up for that! Maybe dm me the sort of thing you’re after


Can I have in on this too?


yes of course.

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just something with a little bit of a narrative flow to it so it can fit some changes in the music.

Maybe you can do the narration if you have a sexier voice than me?

Yeah, can do joined up and everything!


oh handwriting is a whole other thread. I’m shit at that too though!

I probably peaked around my university finals tbh. No way I could bust out three hours of essay writing these days.

DM with a brief!

i sent you some of the poetry i’ve written a while ago, if you’re interested then by all means use some of it

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I too like writing and would be glad to attempt to contribute

what do you write?

mainly poemy things

mostly about animals and food


sounds good!

well it’s suposed that I am, but I can’t tell
I’ve written some pretty cool short stories, and I’m writting a book, at least I’m trying.

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What’s the book about?

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Well, it has been always difficult to explain because it’s hard not to make any spoilers, but…
It’s about a woman-robot whose only function is to have sex with whoever wants to. A prostitute robot, yes, and it’s written in first person, she tells what happens to her, and all those things. She has never known where was she actually, I mean, the place where she is, and suddenly she’s given the chance to escape, and she does. So some pretty cool things happen then.

Anyway, there are so many things I have to change and rewrite… I’m half way through.

But, I think my short stories are my best (at least yet). I would like to translate them into English. Maybe I show them if you want me to. I would really like sharing it with you all.