Anyone here have Beats headphones?

I have a pair of Studio 3 Wireless. My wife got them as a present so no receipt and the box has long gone. They’ve suddenly started playing up and not connecting with my phone. Tried resetting but no good. Now wondering if I need to update the firmware, but it doesn’t look like I can download the updater without registering, and it won’t accept the serial number (says it’s possibly too late to register).

Of course I have an iPhone with no audio jack so I can’t just use them with a cable.

I love the future!


Is it still under warranty? If yr wife can show the purchase on a bank statement that might be enough to get it fixed.

Either that or turn up at Dre’s house and demand satisfaction.


Ah, no, I meant she was given them as a present so we don’t have any proof of purchase.

Ahh. Try your luck in an Apple store?

Yeah, worth a shot I guess.

Looks like I might be able to download the updater from a random third party site so will try that when I’m work (only have a Chromebook at home which is useless for shit like this).

They’ll be under manufactures warranty. There will be a serial code on your headphones somewhere

Good point. I bet he forgot about Dre…

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Yeah there is, but it doesn’t seem to be valid on the site (might be messing up a 1 with an I, 0 with an O, idk), or it’s not in date. Guess they might help more if I contact them directly.

I know it’s far from ideal, but have you not got the adapter ‘thing’ from the iPhone so you can use them wired via the charging port?

I don’t, but it I’ll get one, it would be useful even if the battery just goes.

Sorry but this is quite funny

It is, but would not be had I spent £250 on them.

Theyre usually tucked away in the bottom of the box the iphone came in. If you get really stuck, i’ve probably got a spare somewhere from a work phone i can chuck in the post

Do they come with iPhones these days? I got mine second hand on Music Magpie and it was definitely not included! Don’t worry too much, I’m sure I can pick one up easily enough

I have no idea how you can set or force set the bluetooth codec on an iPhone, you probably cant but it’s something you can do on most phones, but check to see if there is a way and set the codec to something different and see if this works,.

Alright Solid Snake

Dont make me slap you after giving you potentially the only 2 pieces of good advice in this thread!

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I will google this “codec” (cheers)

Ah, that might explain it! Yeah, with all the ones i’ve had there was one in a cardboard sleeve under the phone inlay i think with the plugs and bits. Anyway, if you get stuck its no bother to chuck one in the post.