Anyone interested in a hipster Morris dancing side?


Reckon it could work, like those youth WIs they have now. Get some lads together, do some dancing, get pissed.


Genuinely astonished that this isn’t already a thing now that you’ve mentioned it


Hey nonny nonny and a nonny nonny hey!

(Something like that isn’t it)


theres a group of young lads do northumbrian sword dancing in the pubs round here
they’ve got beards I think its already a thing


I know, right? Reckon I might be on to something.


Been to a lot of weddings with ceilidhs and country dancing recently, reckon it’s along the same lines


Didn’t know until recently that some Morris dancers vehemently defend their “right” to prance about in blackface


My side would NOT involve Border Morris practices. We would mainly be in the Cotswold tradition.


was v strange 1st time I saw these (they hang out in Lewes which is not far from me). Think they say they are crows or something


mate, Cambridgeshire is already all over this shit.


They don’t look very hip to me.


you Londoners have so much to learn


Thought this was going to be a Jordan Numbers thread




Imagine doing a traditional Northumberland sword dance in front of a sold out audience.


Me too!


Morris dancing already belongs to goths.


You can’t own Morris Dancing, M3 - it’s an art form like papier mache or microwaved sausages.


Definitely a future Mogwai song title


There’s an odd fella at work who has this odd compulsion to be an expert in any subject that gets brought up, and loves wasting people’s time by chatting incessantly, sometimes clients like that and will just talk shit to him for hours. Nearly fell off my seat laughing when I read a file note that said something along the lines of “Through passing pleasantries with the customer I have found that he, like me, is a keen Morris Dancer. His name doesn’t sound instantly familiar to me at this time, but if it transpires that I know the client socially from the Morris Dancing community I will of course withdraw my interest in this case.”