Anyone interested in maps?


71,000 historical maps free to download -


Maps fact of the day: Karen O cries in the misic video of ‘Maps’ because her bf didn’t show up to filming.


Also I used to draw maps of NY rollercoaster tycoon parks.


I had a maps thread on the old board, I thought it was a good idea but it never really found its way.


Maybe this is your moment. Your perfect moment.


i like maps, some of these look good


if it’s the maps thread i remember, i remember bounding in thinking “I LIKE MAPS” and finding a thread full of people talking about drawing maps of fictional places and then quietly leaving.


you should’ve said something, you could’ve saved it


I was discussing maps with a good friend of mine earlier this morning. I love an Ordnance Survey map - I used to plan out walks with my dad when we went on holiday. There’s something really aesthetically pleasing about an OS map, especially.


This is really cool. Just found an old one of where i grew up.


A lot of people are going to get old maps for Christmas this year


It’s the level of detail. Benches, battlefields, fenceposts - it’s marvellous.


Great news for map fans: