anyone know a good website where you can just fly about space looking at stuff

kind of like when you keep zooming out on google maps satelite view, but if you were able to do it all over the solar system.
just spent half an hour trying to dock on the international space station, not really what I’m after.
i’m off sick today btw


Blatant wanking metaphor


don’t think Google Streetview have covered Mars yet

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no exactly. looking for a website that has.

probably not actually

sorry :frowning:

don’t be mate

surely any video game set in space will fulfill this need

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i don’t know any though

There isn’t a lot of stuff in space though right, I mean on average

Enjoying the tagging on this thread

cheers. a little nod to the dedicated thread fans there


no there’s not

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I’m struggling to find Uranus in that picture

it’s where we keep the soul

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uranus is just a massive ball of gas mate